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  • People come and go, including founders. make sure to structure equity to account for change


  • The "night club model": freemium (dance floor), members/paid (vip), micropayments (bar)



  • Hire more slowly, fire more quickly
  • Get rid of the bad apples early and fast, offer ways to exit
    • paid x severance to leave, anytime




of the company

  • Create the company based on the culture and value, not on the product or idea
  • People will always remember how you made them feel
  • Help everyone be part of something greater
  • Make the 100 Best Companies to work for list
  • Create a culture of giving and generosity of each other's time and resources
  • Value everyone, trust them, respect them
  • Trust means transparency but also means responsibility and accountability
  • Provide autonomy
  • Zappos uses "be a little weird" which breaks down some defenses and barriers and allows for indivuality to shine through
  • Reward the good, ignore the bad instead of punish the bad and ignoring the good.
  • Provide anonymous feedback forms (goog form?) for feedback on the company and the leadership
  • Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose. Financial incentives can create lower performance: http://www.ted.com/talks/dan_pink_on_motivation.html


of the audience

  • Ask what kind of culture do you want to foster?
  • Own up to mistakes externally, create a culture of "we're in this together" with the customers



  • Iterate quickly through continuous integration maybe even continuous deployment so you can try many hypotheses quickly
  • Solve only enough to test things out and be willing to refactor as necessary



  • Have a point for every design decision. What are you trying to have them do? What ACTION?
  • Assume you are wrong so you're willing to change it



  • Shorter, more discrete timelines are necessary but need to balance that with not micromanaging
  • Mix up teams every cycle to avoid creating boundaries and rifts and to help cross train
  • Give people/teams problem sets and enough data to propose and execute solutions
  • Don't compromise on quality. Don't ship something that doesn't test a theory properly.





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