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Kevin Cheng (kev/null)'s Wiki

 Contacting Me

See Communication Protocol



For availability, check http://date.kevnull.com and my SonicLiving calendar for concerts


Current Projects 


Past Projects


Ideas for Future Projects

Starting a Company: List of stuff I'm noting to keep in mind for starting a company

Game Ideas: List of ideas for games, mostly iPhone. Quite outdated now.


Tiny and Fun

  • a site that shows everything/everyone that is younger than you or older than you/anyone (e.g., Matt Mullenweg is yougner than Empire Strikes Back)
  • a place where people talk about their breakups and it autotags/collects stats on the applications involved in the break (related to breakups 2.0)
  • a widget and site that displays a word of the day that inspires/reminds designers things to consider. words such as "cultivate", "delight"


Personal notes for larger projects I will work on:

kevnull.com redesign

  • show what I am working on
  • show my sites
  • show some photography
  • presentations



  • comic resource repository
  • place to upload templates
  • way to rate templates
  • links and resources
  • testimonials
  • workshop dates
  • buy the book link


off panel and ok/cancel engine redesign

  • tagging
  • text version of the script
  • thumbnails in the archives
  • title of the comic in the individual archive page



Random Lists

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