Communication Protocol

Ways to Reach Me

Kevin Cheng
Gtalk: kevnull
Yahoo: kevnull
AIM: kevc75
MSN: kevnull
txt: +1.415.671.____


If We've Never Met …

For Permission

To republish a comic, an article, a photo, etc., email me.


For Information / Inquiries

On a potential job, you need a job, other opportunities, an interview, email me.


If We've Met … 


IM me. In the order of service preference listed above. Even if I'm offline (which I very rarely am).


To find out where I am

Txt me or check my foursquare


Telephone: Use Rarely

Per Tantek, it's extremely interruptive and nearly always rude. Txt first. Exceptions:


Inspired and borrowed heavily from Tantek Çelik.